Happy Mothers Day!
We at Braun Fitness love our moms. They have all worked extremely hard to provide us with the best childhood, so naturally we are a little bias.
As a thank you to all moms out there, we want to lower the barrier of entry even further and offer our BraunFit Fat Furnace to you for an incredible price of $49 for the first four sessions.
We want to meet as many moms out there who need a little push to do something for YOU this spring. You are the pillar of your family. The strength of our community. We want to fill our studio with your greatness.
Sign up by calling our studio before May 31st to take of advantage of our appreciation and admiration of all that you do. You deserve it! You and your family will be better for it.


Body-Spec DEXA scan
On Thursday,  May 14th, we will be bringing Body Spec, a mobile body fat scanning company, to our studio. These guys are AWESOME.
Megan and Dr. Jason tracked them down in April and were blown away by the thoroughness and ease of the process – no underwater dunking, no uncomfortable pinching or wardrobe changes. In 10 minutes you receive the most accurate body fat percentage available (including the fat around organs), your resting metabolic rate, and bone density which is great for those of you with family histories with bone mineral density problems.
These numbers are true tests of body integrity. The food you eat, the objective strength of your bones and the ratio of muscle to fat in your body are extremely important data to give you a snap shot of where you are and the direction you need to focus on in your fitness training.
 Body Spec normally charges $50.00 per scan. For most of you, it’ll be your first time with their process. For first timers, they knock $10 off the price.
For Braun Fitness followers, we want to sweeten the deal: We will pay you back the $40 for your scan if you purchase a $99 BraunFit Fat Furnace pack for someone who could benefit from 4 sessions with our coaches*. You don’t have to be a current client to take advantage of this deal. We want to meet your friends and family, what a great way to spread the word!
You can check them out and schedule your scan on their website at www.body-spec.com. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need help getting setup. We are here to help!
*The 4 Braunfit fat furnace training sessions apply to new members only.
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