Braun_fitness_Pasadena_Personal_Trainer_ReferralContestSpring is upon us. Let’s face it, have you kept your resolutions to trim up and slim down? Have you transformed your body in ways that inspire your friends and family to do the same? Are you ready to show off your BRAUN body when the warmer weather hits?

If you have, FANTASTIC! If you haven’t, GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR!

A wellness lifestyle requires a paradigm shift and constant care to take care of the body you were given.

You’ve been through it before.

You know how much better your life has become with strength training as your basis for exercise and endurance.

SHARE IT with your family, coworkers, and friends. We NEED more people like you… People who care about their bodies and want more than an “average” existence.

We are running what will be our most successful REFERRAL CONTEST this month (March 9th-30th). This is a 21 day focus group on getting the people from your world off their bums and into the gym to experience what they’re missing. We are calling to you, our ambassadors for the BRAUN lifestyle, to be our voice. Help us continue to change the lives of the community you see when you spend time out of the house and the people you care about.

We don’t measure success of these contests in money. We measure success of these contests by the sheer number of new people who walk through our doors, bright-eyed and nervous like you were the first time you went out of your way to change your life through exercise.

The rules are simple:

1 POINT for a PAID workout from a new client you referred.

2 POINTS if they purchase a package of sessions by March 30th.

Theres is a 5 POINT MINIMUM for you to be considered for the grand prize… That’s either 5 single new people or three package buyers.

But what’s the prize, Coach?

How does a $500 Langham Resort gift card sound?

A spa day on us… For helping those around you experience the immense, life-changing effects of better health, greater strength, and improved endurance.

The deal gets sweeter.

50% of all new client Revenue will be donated to the CITY OF HOPE for Research.

This is your chance to make a HUGE impact in the San Gabriel Valley. Let’s do this BRAUN Fitness!

Get Strong. Get Fit. Get BRAUN!

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