Written by Megan B.:

With this week comes Valentine’s Day. For the longest time, I despised this holiday. I felt that it was either forced or a way to make you feel very aware of your single status. And while a part of me still believes those things, I also think it is a good reminder to love oneself. So many of us forget to do this and we have to remember – we’re really important.

For many of us, we exercise because we hate ourselves/bodies. Rather than view exercise with negativity, try a new perspective. You’re exercising because you love yourself. You are promoting your own wellness and longevity. And what’s not to love about you?

As some of you may saw, I recently hit my goal of 2 pull ups (I managed to get 3). On January 1, rather than beat myself up for being weaker and unable to get 1 pull up, I decided to invest in myself, my strength and work to change the things I was unhappy with. I didn’t love that I was weaker, but I also didn’t fall into self-deprecation. That is a slippery slope that is usually filled with candy and bon bons. When we have negative thoughts, it’s really easy to feel like we need that candy bar just to get through the afternoon or skip a workout b/c we feel like the effort is futile.

At Braun Fitness, we are here to inspire and grow with you. We do not care where you have been but we do care where you’re going and we want to be part of that journey. And we hope it’s a journey that you grow to love yourself more.

So I say this Valentine’s Day we stop being our worst workout enemy. We love ourselves this week because we are worth it! I plan on showing myself love by getting in a few work outs at Braun Fitness. I will work on my new goal of landing a pistol squat on both legs. How will you love yourself this week? How will you Get Braun? Tell us in the comments section!!

Get Strong. Get Fit. Get BRAUN!

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