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Written by Megan Bagley – Sweat Maker

“The coming of Merry and Pippin will be like the falling of small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains.” A more enjoyable way of putting: big things often have small beginnings.

If you know me, then you know my love of Tolkien. And maybe its human nature, but I love rooting for the little guy; someone who you wouldn’t guess can change the fate of the world. Now granted the stories of Bilbo and Frodo in Middle Earth may not be relatable to all – that’s ok. My point is – don’t let your assumptions of yourself and the thought of a big project stop you from even trying.

Remember my last blaug about failing? Well this is for those who aren’t ready to embrace failure…yet. Sure some of us may have really big goals like be able to finish a marathon or lose 20 pounds before my wedding or shock everyone at my high school reunion by how awesome I look.

Of course those goals may be daunting. And that’s when we need to realize that it’s ok to start small. Simply challenge yourself with something you can commit to. Maybe its do 5 hand release push-ups everyday for one week. Maybe it’s cut out alcohol for one weekend. Or maybe it’s telling yourself it’s really ok to take one day a week for rest. My current challenges – stop using candy as the afternoon pick me up for 1 week and making healthier choices while traveling to Atlanta the week of November 18.

The biggest step you actually make is the moment you decide to change. In Frodo and Bilbo’s cases, that was agreeing to leave the comfort of Bag End. If they had left their home with the intention of bringing down Sauron, they would have never left because that goal seems impossibly large. But the power of small actions shouldn’t be overlooked. If you can commit to a small change, particularly a lifestyle change, you will be amazed 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, etc down the road at how much has changed.

If you have a small fitness change in mind but aren’t sure how to begin then come to Braun Fitness. Our trainers will be happy to help you defeat your version of Sauron. Remember – Frodo had a whole fellowship. You don’t have to make the journey alone. But you do need to decide to take the first step. Hopefully Braun Fitness can be a part of your journey.

What small step will you be taking this week?

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