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I sometimes ask myself – how did I get here? Here this time meaning personal training at Braun Fitness in Pasadena. Why I do not have all the answers, I have an idea of how it got started.

About a year ago, I started evaluating my life. What did I want to accomplish? I was doing ok but knew I wasn’t happy either. I figured I had a choice – I can continue down the same path which is known and comfortable. OR! I could embrace change, decide to pursue some goals and see where life takes me.

So I left my job of 7+ years, went back to school and was fortunate enough to begin working at Lululemon Pasadena. I realize not everyone will want their clothes. But one of the most helpful things I found was their goal worksheet. They broke it out into 1, 5 and 10 year goal marks. And of course there are rules – be specific. Your goal needs to be measurable! If you say “I want to be fit” – 10 different people may interpret that 10 different ways. But if you say I want to fit in my skinny jeans or hold a solid plank for 60 seconds – that’s something that can be measured.

Also, give yourself a time frame. It’s really easy to say – I want to own a home, I want to lose 5 pounds, I want … Give yourself a deadline! Make an event and share it with the world! While writing this down for anyone in the store to read was terrifying for me (what if I fail?), it also pushed me to new levels.  I can admit right now that I did not achieve all the goals I wrote down for my one year plan.  And on my hard days, it’s really hard. BUT! Then I remember this chart (courtesy of Lululemon)


I’m still awesome! I did a half Ironman this July. It was hard and I weeped when I crossed the finish line. And did I get the time I wanted – no! And that’s ok. I finished that race. And no one can take that away from me. If I didn’t share that goal, I would have chickened out and backed out of the race.

What’s great is this applies to any kind of goals – personal, career, fitness. It’s about time for me to update my goals. So to start it off, I plan to complete an IronMan in 2015 and by December 2013 I will do 3 TGU’s with a 16kg kettlebell. I want to work to a max of 24kg.

So what are some of your fitness goals? Please share! The trainers at Braun Fitness are here to help you reach your new levels. And remember – embrace failure because at least you’re doing something!!

 Get Strong! Get Fit! Get Braun!!

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