Friends Group Written by: Jason B.

As a small business, Braun Fitness relies heavily on your referrals to help our studio give back to the community, employ the best trainers, and provide the top equipment for you to use. We are constantly asked by our clients how they can refer people to our studio. Here is a highlight reel of our favorite ways to help you generate interest in our business. You’ll find that everyone is a little different in what it takes to get them through the door… but one thing is universal, they want to know how fun it is to achieve results with Braun Fitness.

The top 10 ways to refer your friends and family to Braun Fitness:

  1. Ask them to join you for a workout.
  2. Introduce them to our trainers either through email or in person.
  3. Tell them what you like about us, not “how hard it is” or “how sore you are”.
  4. If its a significant other, make it “something you can do together”.
  5. Plan a vacation with your friends / family and get in shape for it with them… “Pictures are forever!”
  6. Tempt them with a promise of good drinks or food after the workout at their favorite restaurant.
  7. Post about your workouts on Facebook/Social Media and tell everyone how great you feel.
  8. Direct them to our website picture gallery or to our Facebook page to see how beautiful and fun our studio is.
  9. If it’s your colleagues, stimulate a little friendly workplace competition to see who can get the best results in a 3 month period.
  10. If all else fails, trick them by saying you are going on a hike and just drive them here!

Get Strong. Get Fit. Get BRAUN!

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