Weight: 215
Body Fat: 23.7%
Lean Body Mass: 156lbs
Waist Size: 37.75”

Weight: 192
Body Fat: 11.4%
Lean Body Mass: 172lbs
Waist Size: 32”

"Working with Jason was a life changing experience.  I was reluctant to start, but my wonderful wife encouraged me to give it a try. When I first signed up with him I thought I was in pretty good shape for a 41 year old. Sure, it hurt to get out of bed on some mornings, but I still jogged every so often, hit the weights every now and then and played basketball with the guys on the weekends. You know, your typical activemiddle aged guy.  I would see Jason with his clients at the gym and noticed that he had them doing exercises I would deem impossible for someone my age, yet they were doing itand they were my age, if not older. At that point I decided, what the heck.


After the first session, I realized that I was not in that good of shape. It was tough; but that is what I wanted. I wanted it to be a challenge, yet I wanted it to be fun too. Jason understood that and delivered!  He will push your body beyond your expectations and increase your confidencewhile decreasing your waist size!!


I played high school football, college lacrosse and participated in bicycle centuries in my 20s. Yet I am now in the best shape of my life, even at 42!!  I am more flexible, stronger, leaner, and spring out of bed each morning ready to attack the day! I now have the tools necessary to maintain and improve myself on a go forward basis.


Are the workouts tough? Sure they are.

Will you sweat?  Absolutely.

Are there any negative aspects to working out with a trainer?  Yes, you will need a new wardrobe.


Thanks Jason!!"

Ron L.

Sacramento, CA

"Having tried a number of personal trainers in Los Angeles, I can say that Braun Fitness provides an unparalleled level of attention to each students' achievement and wellness.  The workouts are challenging and exhausting, but the environment is always positive and encouraging.  I am particularly impressed with his tailoring of each workout to the strengths and weaknesses of his students, all the while maintaining a focus on injury prevention."

Matt Steinburg

Pasadena, CA

"I started training with Braun Fitness late last year. 


I have been a triathlete since 2006.

The more strength training I did with Jason the stronger I became.  The most notable thing that happened was after about 3 months of training with Jason - I did a ride up Hwy 2.  Last year I had spent much time in Florida (flat everywhere) and I had been injured so my bike fitness was just not there.


I started up the hill and it was one of the easiest times I have ever gone up to Red Box (14 mile climb).   I had not noticed how much things had changed until I went to push it on a ride that I had no fitness for.  It was amazing the strength I had developed. 


I feel much more well rounded as an athlete since training with Braun Fitness.  At this point - I can not imagine my endurance training without him!!!"

Lynda Neuman

"We used to look to our Friday workout with Braun Fitness-- just the two of us, every Friday -- as the prequel to a regular Friday 'date night.'  Now, I think it's more likely that we think of the workout and the dinner that follows as the entire date night.  We really like working out together -- there's banter and some small talk, but mostly we just like being together as Jason expertly guides us through our exercises.  It's something we count on, something we are committed to, and something we look forward to each and every week."


Bill Deverell & Jenny Watts

Pasadena, CA

"Jason took my triathlon training to the next level.   I  am a busy mom and pretty new to the sport.  I have been coached by Jason for 2 specific races and both times saw remarkable results.


 Jason takes the time to truly understand you as an athlete and works with you to define realistic, reachable goals.  He then designs a training program that fits with your individual ability, goals and time schedule.  He training plans are not one size fits all.  Because of Jason, I improved vastly in all three areas of the sport- including transitions.  As a top age group triathlete he brings to the table first hand experience, but his education in nutrition, exercise science and his knowledge as a chiropractic student makes him truly stand out as an outstanding coach.  It would be tough to find anyone else with the same experience and credentials."

Michele C.

Pasadena, CA