Jason Braun is an L.A. area personal fitness coach. He has been training San Gabriel area residents since February 2010 when he moved from Northern California to begin Graduate studies in Chiropractic.

Jason’s unique educational knowledge and devotion to his passion of human performance makes for an exceptional training experience. Clients will follow traditional strength training, as well as new age functional movement protocols designed to provide the ideal balance of personal fitness.

To him, fitness is unique to everyone. To be “fit” means that you are able to successfully complete an activity that you desire. If you desire to complete a half-mile obstacle course and you cannot currently run 3 miles… you are unfit. However, if all you desire from your life is to sit on the couch and experience weight gain and associated health problems… its not hard to be “fit” enough to accomplish this task.

Jason currently works with a broad range of clientele. From high school athletes to 60 year old weekend warriors, Jason’s clients report an educational and empowering physical experience. He best works with individuals who WANT to be empowered to live a more healthy life. In his experience, the majority of the training program depends on client mindset, physical toughness can be taught.

Challenge yourself to not only “glide” through your daily life, but THRIVE in the only body you will ever have…. Challenge your self to FEEL alive.

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