I've never exercised before, will I be ok?

Yes. At Braun Fitness, we would venture to estimate that more than half of our long time clientele have never associated themselves with “sport” of any kind. In fact those who have never exercised often make the most successful stories because your expectations of your body are so low and the gains you find are so so great that you will reach the best shape of your life even faster.

What are your hours?

Braun Fitness is by appointment only. Our trainers are generally available from 5 am to 9 pm with most of our schedule being occupied in the morning and evening hours.

How do you decide what kind of personal training session I need?

The trainers at Braun Fitness recognize that your goals are unique and require their own level of care. On the personal training side, we offer private and small group training sessions. We generally reserve the private sessions for clients with physical ailments that require an extraordinary amount of care to address and train around. That being said, we have clientele who prefer private training and they are more than welcome to take advantage of the offering. If after our initial meeting it is decided you are ready for the small groups, you may start there. No matter which type you choose, you can be sure your experience will have the same level of care attention to detail as the other.

How does small group training work?

At Braun Fitness, we focused on small group personal training. These groups consist of 2-6 people placed together by similar motivation and desired outcome. You, the client, will also have a say in the groups you work with as you are free to bring in friends and family and start your own awesome small group!

How often should I work out?

Your frequency of workouts depends on your timeline, other physical commitments, and current level of fitness. We ask each of our clients how many days per week they would like to come in, and we make our recommendations from there. Most of our clients come in 2 times per week, while the clients who get the fastest results are coming in 3 times per week. With that in mind we note that some exercise is ALWAYS better than no exercise.

I'm a parent and don't have a lot of time to workout. What can I do?

Braun Fitness focuses on efficiency. When building your exercise program we take into account the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to your health and wellness, your current level of health, and which direction you would like to go with your fitness. We pride ourselves in our ability to be a coach for anyone willing to employ our advice. Let us help you FIND time to ensure you get more out of your body.

Will I get “bulky” if I lift weights?

At Braun Fitness, we are asked this question less frequently as the world becomes more educated in the benefits of strength training. The short answer is no, unless it is your goal to do so, then we can help you achieve that result with some tweaks to your eating.

How do I schedule my sessions with Braun Fitness?

Braun Fitness offers a number of session-booking options for you to reserve your time. The preferred method is through our website scheduling client. Please see the schedule tab above and follow the instructions for creating your account and booking sessions.

I have Knee/ankle/Back/wrist/shoulder/elbow pain. Can you adapt the workouts for me?

Here-in lies the value of our personal training service. Injured? Stressed? Tired? Our trainers understand the readiness of the body to receive the benefits of exercise is a day-by-day consideration. The workouts are ALWAYS catered to YOU.


How will I know if exercise is working for me?

Braun Fitness takes pride in the results you see outside of our gym. Results usually manifest themselves in the form of other people telling you, “You look great!” Another way you’ll know is when you get out of the shower and you significant other will have a shocked look on their face as they ask you, “Who are you? What did you do with my Wife / Husband / Partner?” Our favorite ah-ha moment is when you realize how strong and full of energy you are when playing with kids, or grandkids and you can run around the yard without free or worry of injuring yourself!


Do you offer memberships for general use?

At Braun Fitness we take pride in our business of personal training based services. We do not offer a general membership for use of the space, nor do we have any other fees on top of your session costs. Your time at Braun Fitness will be spent in a facility that is free of crowds and focused on your unique needs in your pursuit of fitness.